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About logging into Isaak/Sakai

Isaak/Sakai uses the same account and password as themy.Brocku.ca portal, any account or password issues you have here are best resolved there.

Your Isaak/Sakai User ID is the same ALPHA-NUMERIC ID as your my.brocku.ca portal, Webmail, Computer lab, Wireless Internet, etc. CAMPUS ID and password. Use the my.brocku.ca portal, to find your CAMPUS ID by selecting the appropriate link under "Activate My Account, let me in...".

Members of the Brock University community manage their own single password for all computer activities at Brock and are able to activate, change and reset their password via the https://my.brocku.ca portal. Passwords expire every 120 days. The date that a password expires is listed in the same "My Settings" section of the my.brocku.ca portal that passwords are changed in.