Isaak/Sakai is Brock University's secure, centralized, on-line Learning Management System (LMS).

Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS, is available to all Brock University courses and projects that are coordinated by faculty or staff. Isaak/Sakai provides a central location to access resources, communicate, and submit & mark assignments all with the important controls and privacy to keep private information protected and facilitate group collaboration. Isaak uses Sakai's collection of straight-forward tools to support teaching, learning and collaboration happening on and off-line.

The system's name Isaak is an anagram of the open source LMS Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment that it is built on and it also pays tribute to Sir. Isaac Brock, the university's namesake.

The Centre for Pedagogical Innovation and others maintain an Isaak/Sakai wiki which provides information about Isaak/Sakai at Brock University as well as revised and contextualized help documentation for Sakai.